7 pm @ Champions Sport Bar and Grill, 300 2nd Street, Highspire, PA (directions)

Jam Etiquette Guidelines:

All performers are required to read this before playing

1. This is a BLUES jam not a generic open mic! Your set should focus on blues music.

2. The jam is for beginners as well as experts, but players should be at least moderately proficient on their instrument of choice.

3. You must sign your name and instrument on the clipboard list first if you want to play; do not write on the dry marker set board.

4. Tune up before you get up to play. Tuners are available, so ask if you need one.

5. Listen closely, and play rhythm/chords to support the groove. Donít solo until the vocalist/leader tells you itís your turn.

6. Control dynamics. If you canít hear the vocalist or the lead instrument, then consider yourself too loud. Watch your volume and turn it down, if asked.

7. Generally, the vocalist will lead the set and call the songs, name the key, and describe the changes. During a song, keep your eye on the vocalist/leader for cues.

8. Sets are limited to 4 songs or approx. ½ hour of playing time; then end your set. Players should vacate the stage area as quickly as possible, so the next group can get up.

9. Everyone gets up at least ONCE before anyone plays TWICE.

10. You can sign up again at the bottom of the list after your set (see #9).